SynesthESpace#2: The Silent City Presents
A Sound + Light Bath

Saturday, June 30, 2018
First Street Studio
2400 E Cesar Chavez, Suite 202, Austin, Texas 78702

Tickets $7 on door

Antumbrae Intermedia Installations presents SynesthESpace#2:
The Silent City by Lauren Gurgiolo, Wendy Mitchell and Lindsay Greene.

SynesthESpace is a 4 part series dedicated to site-specific, multichannel, immersive audiovisual environments created by local multimedia artists.

All artists will introduce their work in addition to presenting a live performance component to stimulate the environment during the evening. Artists invited will present their own unique vision for an immersive audiovisual installation for local audiences.

The Silent City will present a sound and light bath at First Street Studio on June 30th 2018. Participants will interact with hand-wired musical consoles to alter the immersive environment featuring hand-cast illuminated resin lights and audio-responsive video projection. This is part of a series of intermedia installations by artists Lauren Gurgiolo, Wendy Mitchell, and Lindsay Greene.

The brain-child of Lauren Gurgiolo (The Octopus Project, Okkervil River), Wendy Mitchell (The Stuffed Animal Rescue Foundation,, and Lindsay Greene (Paula Nelson, Ray Price), this is the next iteration of an ongoing series of interactive / intermedia experiences that has included A Sound + Light Bath (Elisabet Ney Museum, 2018, Austin, TX), The Silent City I & II (MOHA, 2016 & 2017, Austin, TX), The Quality or Condition (Studium, 2015, Austin, TX), The Quality or Condition, Ivy (The Belmont, Artbash 2015, Austin, TX), and Calculated Carelessness (2013, Austin, TX).

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