Perhaps a Projector

I’ve been thinking about the slides, wondering if I could either project them onto the floor or onto the resin from the inside.

I tried fashioning a projector out of a tiny single LED flashlight and a magnifying glass and some cardboard, but the light wasn’t strong enough. Either we’d need stronger lights, or I need to move on to the next idea.

One thought would be to try to project the slides onto the resin, with lights on the inside.

Tomorrow, perhaps I’ll start some resin experiments. I’m anxious to see what what happens when I pour over theatre gels and/or cellophane. I’ve always had a thing for “decoders” ever since I pulled one out of a cereal box when I was little!

Oh, and here’s what my first crude slide projector experiments were looking like (note these took place on my bed, because hey, sometimes inspiration strikes at 11pm and the only materials you have around are the ones in your recycling bin):

I’m thinking the tiny projectors  would need to be small enough to fit inside our hanging slip-cast ceramic cups, so they would project straight on to the floor (which I guess we would either have to paint or cover with something white. But no dice so far.

Maybe I’ll stop by Austin Creative Reuse tomorrow to see if they happen to have some better things to serve as lenses. The one I was using was the magnifying glass from the “third hand” in soldering kit, and it’s pretty large and heavy.

Ooh! I happen to occasionally play trivia with a team of astrophysicists on Wednesday nights, so I bet they can tell me a whole lot about lenses… I’ll see if they have any advice!