Thank You

The Silent City: Part I is installed, the performances are over… nothing left to do now except sleep and analyze. Oh– and thank people!

We would like to thank the following people and places for their contributions of time, funds, and moral support:

Paco Proano –

ABGB (please go support them and drink their beer and eat their pizza)
MOHA, Zac Traeger

Glenn Gurgiolo
Judy Gurgiolo
Christopher Cox
Chris Cogburn

Fat Fuse Music
Bone Spirits
Capital Music Center
The Dialtones
Cultural Arts Division of the City of Austin Economic Development Department
mixtape marketing

Katherine Angermeier
Skylar Bizzell
Anthony Castaneda
Allen Chen
Timothy Braun
Ihor Gowda
Karen Gustafson
Craig McCullough
Lavanna Martin
Dave Michaels
Alan Retamozo
Laura Rodriguez
Oscar Sotuyo
Ingrid Powell
Curtis Thomas
Voyager Music Productions
Christopher Williams
Robert Wilson

The Dialtones, Ted Hadji, Grant Johnson, Neal Kassanoff, Robby Kraft, Marcus Lawyer, Camille Lewis, Karla Manzur, buycbdproducts Miranda, Paul Banks

PLEASE FORGIVE US if we let anyone off… Our brains are still a bit mushy. We would love to include you in this list and give you the props you deserve. Send Wendy an email!!