The Silent City: Part I (Installation 2016)

The Silent City: Part I (Installation 2016)

An interactive/intermedia installation

September 8-18, 2016
@ The Museum of Human Achievement
Austin, TX

By activating trigger circuits, the public manipulates an array of sounds featuring audio sourced from public places in Austin, accompanied by a coordinated display of synchronized lights.

Artists: Wendy Mitchell, Lindsay Greene, Lauren Gurgiolo, Fat Fuse (Christopher Cox & Grant Johnson), The Dialtones

Ongoing installation open to the public daily, along with four scheduled performances:
Two nights of quasi-improvisational music and lights featuring compositions by Lauren Gurgiolo and design by Wendy Mitchell.

Drawing inspiration from musique concrete and early electronic music, 10 musicians play compositions on the specially-made hand-wired sound machines, accompanied by immersive, shifting light. Visitors can also play the machines, explore the interactive music and lights, and create their own compositions.

The Silent City: Part I Performances
September 8th & 10th @ MOHA
Two performances each night: Shows at 8pm & 10pm
doors at 7pm

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